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MACDC “Innovation and Excellence” Award Winners

Eng., Inc. MACDC “Innovation and Excellence” Award Winning Projects: 2018 Groesbeck Park Drain, Ingham County – Award Winner 2017 North Shore Drain, Allegan County – Award Winner 2016 Walker Drain, Allegan County – Award Winner 2015 Middleville Towne Center Drain, Barry County – Honorable Mention 2012 Watson & Watson and Branches Drain, Eaton County – … Continued

Crego Park, City of Lansing

Ralph W. Crego Park has reopened to the public as the centerpiece of the City of Lansing’s park system after engineering and landscape improvements transformed the abandoned 200-acre facility into an environmentally-sustainable community asset. Closed for 28 years due to industrial contamination from the previous owner, the park was revived with a $500,000 grant from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Trust Fund and $250,000 from the city’s parks millage fund.

Groesbeck Park Drain, Ingham County Drain Commissioner

Through innovation, persistence, and collaboration, the ICDC team transformed a 300-acre watershed riddled with groundwater contamination and no stormwater outlet, into a regional stormwater detention facility that improves water quality and protects the regions drinking water supply.

Walker Drain, Allegan County Drain Commissioner

The now picturesque Walker Drain bears no resemblance to the steep, unstable, dangerously eroded banks that for years caused torrents of unfiltered water and tons of sediment to flow directly into one of our nation’s greatest treasures—Lake Michigan.

This scenic section along the banks of Lake Michigan is now part of the Walker Drain Drainage District and falls under the jurisdiction of the Allegan County Drain Commissioner (ACDC).

Campus-Wide Improvements, Lansing Community College

Lansing Community College and Eng. have had a positive working relationship for a number of years. In 2009, Eng. assisted LCC in the redevelopment of several campus parking lots. As LCC is located in Downtown Lansing, parking is a premium and Lansing Community College strives to make as much parking available for their students and employees as possible. The success of Parking Lot U, led to additional campus parking lot improvement projects

2016 City Street Reconstruction, City of Norton Shores

Project Name: 2016 City Street Reconstruction: Norton Hills Rd., Hendrick St. and Stanwood St. Client Name: City of Norton Shores Date: 2016 Location: Norton Shores, MI This project was locally funded and consisted of full depth HMA road reconstruction with drainage improvements, new water mains, and sanitary sewer spot repairs. The design resolved steep driveways … Continued