Lansing: 517-887-1100  Grand Haven: 616-743-7070

Contact Information:

Engineer: Eng., Inc.
Field Engineer: Sarah McKenzie (231) 288-7248
Project Engineer: Joseph Westerbeke, PE
(630) 441-4238

Contractor: My-Con, Inc.

Contact: Cole Grysen (616) 848-8753

Owner:  Ottawa County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office

(616) 994-4530

Paving Update

The Contractor intends to place the final top course of asphalt pavement on Tuesday and Wednesday (November 1-2) of this week throughout the course of the project.  Please anticipate minor disruptions to travel through the project limits on these days.  Once the new pavement has been compacted and allowed to cool, vehicular traffic can pass through.

If it is possible to park temporarily along the shoulders of the roadway outside the project limits and walk to your destination while work is in progress this will avoid any potential damage and defects to the top course of pavement.

We are nearing the home stretch of the project and should be fully complete very soon.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our on-site inspector Sarah.

Week of September 19th Update

The Contractor is continuing to work on the main segment of storm sewer in Pine Street.  They were able to complete storm sewer installation and associated manholes and catch basin installation between Franklin Street and Oak Street over the course of the past week.

The crews will continue storm sewer installation this week along Oak Street and moving south towards Beach Street.  It is likely that roadway impacts to Beach Street could happen by the end of the week which will impact access points to residences.  We will post additional information a few days prior to the Beach Street being impacted by construction.

Week of September 12th Update

The Contractor continues to work on Pine Street near the Franklin Street intersection.  The crew will continue with storm sewer construction in the intersection of Pine & Franklin early in the week and then continue with storm sewer installation east on Pine Street towards Ottawa Avenue later in the week.

Last week the crew successfully constructed a water quality unit to the west of Franklin Street on Pine Street.  As runoff is collected upstream, this unit will treat storm water prior to discharge into Spring Lake.

Week of August 29th Update

The Contractor intends to start work on Pine Street at the outlet to Spring Lake beginning on Monday morning.  Work will primarily be done west of Franklin Street this week but may move through the intersection by the end of the week.  Areas north of the work zone (Pine and Franklin intersection) can be accessed via Ottawa Avenue and Margaret Avenue.

August 19th Update

The Contractor has been moving along slower than anticipated while they await the delivery of concrete drainage structures from their supplier.

Work completed this week:  The Contractor installed drainage structures and perforated pipe at the intersection of Rhoda & Benjamin and have placed topsoil and seed.  The paving work to complete the restoration will be done at a later date.  Similar work was also completed at Laura Street.

Upcoming Work:  Work will continue in the areas of Lane Street, Laura Street, and Beach Street (near Laura).  Once all of the drainage structures for the project are delivered to the site progress will accelerate.


August 8th Update

The Contractor is waiting on a water quality structure to be delivered before work can begin on Pine Street.  While they await delivery of that structure, the Contractor will be moving over to several isolated areas this week which include the following:

  • The area of Rhoda Street installing an underground leaching system (Sheet 10)
  • Coles Park Street performing routine catch basin cleaning and maintenance (Sheet 9)
  • Margaret Avenue (at eastern terminus) to install an underground leaching system (Sheet 9)
  • Lane Street to install an underground leaching system (Sheet 3)
  • Laura Street to install in underground leaching system on the southern end and storm sewer system on the northern end (Sheet 3 and portions of Sheet 4)

Disruptions in these areas will only last a few days.  The construction drawings can be accessed from an earlier post titled ‘Construction Drawings’.

The Contractor intends to move back over to Pine Street following the aforementioned work to being storm sewer work at that location.

July 27th Update

The Contractor intends to start mobilizing equipment to the site later this week with the intention of starting earthwork on Monday, August 1.  Work will begin near Spring Lake at the end of Pine Street.

Project Start

The Coles Park drain improvements are tentatively scheduled to start on Monday, July 25th.  The Contractor intends to start work on Pine Street at the new discharge point to Spring Lake.  Crews will then begin moving up Pine Street to Oak Street and Beach Drive.  The entire project will last approximately 8-10 weeks.  Due to the nature of the project with several distinct work areas, the project impacts to the majority of residents will be short (less than a week) in duration.

July 20th Update:  The Contractor is planning to do some exploratory work of existing utilities along Pine Street and Oak Street July 21st and 22nd.  The impacts should be minimal for this work.

The project consists of storm sewer and drainage improvements throughout the Coles Park Drain Drainage District.

Construction drawings for the project can be accessed by clicking the link below:

2022-07-06_19046 Full Set