Lansing: 517-887-1100  Grand Haven: 616-743-7070

Through all the phases, from concept plan to project completion, Eng., Inc. represented the City of Lansing’s interests in making this park a reality, while keeping fees within our budget.

Dick Schaefer
Retired, City of Lansing Parks and Recreation Department

I have been very satisfied with the work Eng., Inc. has done for our office. They have been very responsive and attentive to whichever type of project they have performed – from drain petition work to site plan reviews.

Christine Kosmowski
Former Calhoun County Water Resources Commissioner

We are continually impressed with the knowledge, creativity, and dedication of Eng., Inc. staff. Their service is timely and they pay close attention to details. What is probably most appreciated is they often anticipate needs or identify opportunities before we do.

Brenda Moore
Muskegon County Drain Commissioner