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Week 11 Update

Work Completed the Week of July 19:

The concrete Contractor was on site Monday to place the first phase of concrete curb and gutter utilizing a curb machine.  The concrete will be constructed in phases to allow the concrete time to cure while still maintaining access to local businesses and side streets.  BEI simultaneously began restoration work by placing sand behind the curb and gutter in preparation of concrete sidewalk.  The Contractor made their final two water main connections on Tuesday at Park Street and Tanglwood Drive and the new water main was now fully operational.  The existing water main will ultimately be abandoned and filled with flowable fill.  BEI continued with aggregate base fine grading and preparation work for concrete sidewalk placement.  The concrete Contractor was back on site Friday and Saturday constructing most of the remaining curb and gutter and begin with placement of concrete sidewalk.


Above:  Preparation for concrete sidewalk behind the curb and aggregate placement in the roadway.


Above:  Concrete curb and gutter construction near Waalkes Street.

Upcoming the Week of July 26:

BEI will continue with restoration and fine grading of the aggregate base course.  The concrete Contractor is scheduled to be back for the final time (for work on the south side of the roadway) and will complete the remaining concrete curb and gutter, sidewalk, and ADA ramps.  We anticipate the base course of asphalt pavement will be placed as early as Wednesday.  Once the paving is completed, we anticipate the restoration work to be completed in the week following before the south side is open to EB traffic and the north side (WB traffic) closure will occur.