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Week 12 Update

Work Completed the Week of July 26:

BEI continued with restoration and fine grading of the aggregate base course in preparation of the base course of asphalt pavement.  The concrete Contractor was on site Friday and Saturday working to complete the remaining concrete curb and gutter, sidewalk, and ADA ramps.





Upcoming the Week of August 2:

We anticipate the base course of asphalt pavement will be placed on Tuesday on the south side of the roadway.  Once the main line roadway paving is completed, we anticipate the restoration work to be completed by the end of the week.  The paving company is expected to be back on site Friday morning to complete the paving of the driveways on the south side of the roadway.  The site furniture Contractor will also be on site to place benches and bike racks.

The Contractor will be flipping the traffic control at the end of the day Friday which will allow the south side (paved portion) to open to EB traffic and the north side (WB traffic) closure will occur.  WB traffic will be detoured around the work zone via the same detour route via Norton Avenue and Henry Street.  Work on the WB lanes should proceed much quicker than the EB lanes given the water main work is now fully complete.