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Week 9 Update

Work Completed the Week of July 5:

The short holiday week began with crews from BEI mainly working on roadway grading in anticipation of completing the water main work later that week.  The Contractor received notice of a passing bacterial test for the water main early in the week.  The project team met on site to discuss how water main connections from the new water main to the existing water main would be completed without significant interruption to water service for the busy commercial corridor.  Ultimately, it was decided to complete the water main connections on Thursday night, beginning at 10:00 pm with three (3) different pipe crews, and working through the night and completing this work by Friday morning at 8:00 am.  The crews were able to successfully make the connections to the existing water main at four (4) different locations.  Due to this overnight work, the crews did not work during the daytime hours on Friday.

Upcoming the Week of July 12:

BEI will begin connecting remaining water services off the old water main and connecting them to the new water main this week.  The final connection to the existing water main near Park Street may also take place later this week and will culminate the remaining water main work.  Following completion of the water main work, BEI will turn focus to building back the EB lanes with aggregate base ahead of concrete curb and gutter and sidewalk work.